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The term “ecofeminism” was reportedly first used by Françoise d’Eaubonne in the book “Le Féminisme ou la Mort” in 1974. However, the origins of the feminist and environmental movements are found in much older cultures.
See The Untold Story of The Iroquois Influence On Early Feminists: Essays by Sally Roesch Wagner” (1996), for example.

Women-led environmental movements in more recent times include the Chipko movement which works to protect forests in northern India; the Green Belt Movement to plant trees led by Kenya Green Party founder Wangari Maathai, and the actions to protect the Amazonian rain forests led by former Green Party leader Maria Silva in Brazil.

The following books are a sampling of ecofeminist thinking and action that spans the globe.

Defending Rainforest Communities in Brazil – Marina Silva (AbeBooks)
This first-ever biography of the courageous leader of Amazonia brings young readers into the life of an inspiring woman role model. Born in the Amazon rainforest of Acre, Brazil, Marina Silva spent the days of her childhood walking through the forest collecting the sap from rubber trees to earn a meager living.

The Iroquois Influence On Early Feminists: Essays by Sally Roesch Wagner (AbeBooks)
The research of this nationally-recognized authority on the early woman’s rights movement brings to light the astonishing fact that white women learned about women’s rights from American Indian women. Considered nothing more than property in the Euroamerican tradition, early feminists knew native women who had respect, authority and power in their nations. The vision of suffrage leaders like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda Joslyn Gage and Lucretia Mott was shaped by knowing women who practiced rights of which they could only dream.

Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives – Mina Samuels (Seal Press)
Run Like A Girl is about the impact that participating in sports has on women—how the confidence and strength that it helps to build makes us stronger and better prepared for life’s many challenges. In this inspiring book, Mina Samuels uses the personal stories of women and girls of all ages and backgrounds—as well as her own—to take a broad look at the power sports have to help us overcome obstacles in all arenas of life.

The Spiritual Dimension of Green PoliticsCharlene Spretnak
Spiritual and Green perspectives are brought to bear on core eco-social issues of being.

Thinking Green! Essays on Environmentalism, Feminism, and Nonviolence – Petra Kelly
Includes nine essays on issues Kelly covered as an activist, including feminism, the arms race, human rights, nonviolence, German reunification, and the politics of poverty.

Who Really Feeds the World? The Failures of Agribusiness and the Promise of Agroecology – Vandana Shiva (North Atlantic Books)
Debunking the notion that our current food crisis must be addressed through industrial agriculture and genetic modification, author and activist Vandana Shiva argues that those forces are in fact the ones responsible for the hunger problem in the first place