National Women’s Equality Day


Written by Jennifer Sullivan for the GPUS Women’s Caucus
Here in “the great democracy” women have made tiny steps. We got to vote in the 1920’s.
We we’re able to go out and get jobs in the public sector, when men went to fight WWII.
We got control of our bodies and affirmative action in the 1960’s,
only to have both cruelly wrenched away by the Supreme Court !
At the point where equal rights for women (ERA) could actually be written into law… it’s been held at a stand still.
The Queen of England’s image graced paper currency around the globe for decades!
Here women can not even get one woman on US currency …. until 2030. Put off– just like proper climate action.
So if you feel that, as a woman, you’re not taken seriously when you speak.
If you feel that you have to work harder and longer at your career than your male counter parts to get ahead.
If you feel that you are expected to be a certain way, rather than yourself.
You are correct.
Because even , symbolically, we can not get past this system that is rigged to keep women down.
YOU can make the pro-active decision to support the Green Party! Our goals have always been for equality and celebrating feminism.
So, please, come to where you’ll start out by being respected ———- on as even a plane as humanly possible.
Co-equal female and male co-chairs have always been our goal. Opportunities await!
The two corporate run major parties, historically, have held back women from power; only relenting here and there just to save face.
Greens fully support women in power. A good example is how it has always been big news to have women on a presidential ticket.
In their long history, Republicans have had only one woman (Palin) as a vice-presidential candidate. Never any at the top of the ticket.
In their even longer history, the Democrats have only offered two vice-presidential women (Ferraro and Harris) and one the top of their ticket (Clinton).
Only three in the same party that wants to herd all women in to be dedicated in voting for them exclusively and forever!
By contrast, in 1996 and 2000, Ralph Nader ran with Winona LaDuke in our first races for POTUS.
We presented two women POTUS tickets twice:
Cynthia McKinney, a 6 term US House Member from Georgia, was at the top of the ticket with Rosa Clemente in 2008.
In 2016 Jill Stein ran with Cheri Honkola.
Greens ran in every POTUS race, since 1996, with at least one woman.
This speaks volumes about our proven commitment to empower women and do what we promise!
If you are a woman that holds our values, Greens offer you the best opportunity to have a seat at the table.
We offer this space where you can be who you are, rather than a female version of the male example.
A version that shows little compassion or real foresight. Instead, our two party system continues to be corporate run, warlike, Wall Street lackeys that support dirty energy and are tough on the crimes of the poor.
Obviously, we can’t really get ahead if we just keep falling in line with two powerful parties that deceitfully use us; promising things that they never quite give.
It’s important to note that Obama could have codified Roe, but didn’t bother.
If you DO want change for the better. Be Green.
If you DO want your freedom. Stand united in our struggle with your sister Greens.
We will not let you down.