Response to Arkansas Governor banning of “woke” words

Written by Jennifer Sullivan, GPUS National Women’s Caucus Spokesperson
What words would you choose to ban, if by banning you could make the thing they described cease to exist?
I’d choose: Slaughter, hunger, hatred, cruelty, ego-tripping, poverty, genocide and pain.
Probably could think of more… if it really worked. Perhaps the reasons are obvious.
By contrast, what did an actual Governor of one of our 50 states choose to ban?
Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has in her list words that she calls “woke” that “respect women”.
She has made executive orders that these are some of the words that are not to be used by her state government:
pregnant people
human milk
birth giver
Meanwhile, this same Governor can figure out some other words to defend her purchase in the “Lecterngate” issue.
The approximately $19,000 cost for the podium is notably higher than could be purchased via standard retail means.
One retailer wrote online that their own lecterns sell for around $7,000.
Two political sources outside of Sanders’ office with experience producing podiums and the costs associated with them told ABC News that $19,029.25 is more than they would have charged or spent on the procurement.
The Arkansas Legislative Joint Audit Committee opened the probe into the lectern’s procurement.
The investigative reporter, Mars, told ABC News that his client appeared for an interview last week for that audit — and that he has personally contacted federal law enforcement authorities.
Sanders has said she doesn’t intend to be seen with the lectern, because it is a distraction.
“I figure if I do, you would talk about nothing else instead of the important actions we’re actually taking today,” she said last week.
“While we are focused on things that actually impact our state and impact Arkansas, the media wants to spend all of their time focused on things that frankly don’t.”
Source Libby Cathey – ABC News
I highlighted Sanders response as what she thinks will make folks in her administration and state whole are banning words I described above and similar.
We find this petty, intimidating and insulting ordinance to be meant only to push her agenda and opinion on the freedom of her employees and her constituents.
Jennifer Sullivan
National Women’s Caucus
of the Green Party of the United States