Women's Rights

The ERA and Corporate Power

The ERA and Corporate Power
Cis-Men, for so long, have just been able to BE.
Women, on the other hand, need to justify themselves with looks, skills and achievements. They are told what they SHOULD be and what they SHOULD want. Women are just a commodity that is marketed and marketed to. Corporations want to keep it that way. The ERA would ensconce into law that women have equal rights. It seems like that would just be logical and normal. It’s not allowed to be, because it’s never been allowed to be. This is why it needs to be a legal precedent. Autonomy matters, legally.

By National Women's Caucus

The National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States works to organize and advance Women’s rights and concerns within the Green Party and the nation. Our goals are to maximize the Women’s vote for the Green Party, the participation of Women at all levels of the Party and create a voter, activist, leadership, candidate, and officeholder base of Women that is reflective of the great diversity of this nation.